Blue Screen on MusicLab installation

Blue Screen on MusicLab installation

Postby JohnBlumstein » 09 Dec 2014, 03:58

I'm using CopperLan 1.3 (3) on my studio pc (Windows 7 64-bit) and to date, it worked without any problems. By the way: thank you for that fine software, it´s fantastic!

Now I just tried to install the MusicLab RealGuitar 3.1 update that includes a virtual MIDI driver - and I got a BlueScreen. Same scenario with RealStrat and RealLPC update.

I then stopped the CopperLan-Service ... and the installation succeeded. Maybe you can check this?
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Re: Blue Screen on MusicLab installation

Postby Copperhead » 09 Dec 2014, 14:13

The CopperLan package as several other applications in the music domain creates virtual MIDI ports.
Under Windows OS, these ports are not shared among the various applications, so that when one app wants to take control of a port already handled, the port must be released by the other app. This is nothing special and all apps should behave properly in such situation.

The crash you mention seems to indicate that the updated app is wrongly assuming that all ports are available by default, and by not being able to manage the situation ends up crashing your computer. If that's the case, there's nothing we can do since we're not responsible for the way other apps manage ports already allocated.

You can try disabling the ports in CopperLan, install your other app(s) and then enable the various ports as needed.
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