Zoom G5 editor doesn't with Cpvm service On

Zoom G5 editor doesn't with Cpvm service On

Postby Ripper » 09 Aug 2015, 22:58


Just an aknowledgement.

I have a Zoom G5 Amp modeler. It's Editor, which is Edit & Share can't see the G5 with the Cpvm service turned on. (Edit & Share uses the unit's midi ports to comunicate with it)

I found this after almost two years of having the unit. I wasn't concerned because I could edit the unit with a laptop I have without copperlan. The thing is that I decided to check this more profoundly now and after several tests I found out that after upgrading to windows 10 the Edit & Share software could find the G5 amp modeler imediately after I unistalled Copperlan (to reinstall later once that the virtual ports were not being enabled).

I tested this several times in real windows 10 and in windows 7 virtual machine. If the Copperlan service is enabled the Zoom editor doesn't find the unit.

I don't know if it is a fault in the Copperlan code or in the Zoom Edit & Share but it exits.

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