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Connections are gone

PostPosted: 07 Oct 2015, 19:24
by verstaerker

sometimes the copperlan-system simply forgets connections

this morning i routed my keyboard output from AL88C In1 to Al88C Output on two channels - in order to play -depending on the used channel two different synths
to make sure i can always revert to that setting i made a snapshot
it was working fine ... then i left my system for a couple of hours turned on and worked on other things
then i wanted to play my synths with the keyboard and it suddenly didn't work anymore -so i reopened the copperlan-manager and noticed that the made connection were gone - no problem i have a snapshot... but this snapshot wasn't loadable anymore :cry:
so i redid this connection and made again a snapshot
i tested now something - i turned off the Al88c (unplugging the power-cord as it has no power-switch) and turned it back on - and again - connections from Al88c ins two Al88c out are gone...

it seems i found something that might help - in the edit menu there's a Midi In Desitnations Save-field - clicking this and then turning Al88c on/off seem to solve the problem
if that's the official workflow i have to say it's a bit overcomplicated

Re: Connections are gone

PostPosted: 07 Oct 2015, 19:41
by CopperPhil

Yes, a computer saves its current set of outgoing connections in order to restore it at startup, but the AL-88 don't save it for technical reason (to preserve the Flash memory write cycles). This is something you have to do manually using the Destination Save button you found in the menu. I am pretty sure that it is explained in the AL-88 user manual.

But I am curious about your snapshot that wasn't loadable any more... Normally in this condition you should get a dialog box explaining why the snapshot is not fully restored. Did you see it?

Re: Connections are gone

PostPosted: 07 Oct 2015, 20:26
by verstaerker
manual for the Al88c? haven't seen one .. but maybe a button "save connections to Al88c" should be a bit more obvious to find ?

no i got no error when the snapshot couldn't be loaded .. i only waited maybe 10s and then just closed the load-window and tried again with another snapshot (wich loaded then in less then a second)

i keep an eye on it next time

Re: Connections are gone

PostPosted: 07 Oct 2015, 20:41
by CopperPhil
The user manual can be found here: ;)

Yes please, let me know if you have new snapshot issue. Thanks.