VMidi-Port not available

Re: VMidi-Port not available

Postby edemunari » 05 Aug 2016, 15:49

It seems that the order don't change the situation I have always to reconnect all.. really annoying.

Cheers, Eriberto
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Re: VMidi-Port not available

Postby initself » 24 Sep 2016, 01:51

CopperPhil wrote:I'm sorry, but I don't understand the problem.

Your problem seems to be related to Logic. I don't know Logic. What is going on with Logic when you load a song? Does it create virtual MIDI port that you are trying to use with your AL-88?

Which connections are not restored? From the VMIDI to the AL-88 or from the AL-88 to the VMIDI? In CopperLan, the connection source (the side sending the messages) is responsible of storing its connection target(s), so it is important for me to know what kind of connection is involved.

I need to understand the whole context of the problem in order to determine what could be the cause and give you an effective solution ;-)

I'll try to give some more context. On Mac OS X (I'm using 10.6 .8 Snow Leopard as a contrast to any newer installs) and Logic 9, with a properly running CopperLan Manager 1.3(3). If you load a session containing CopperLan MIDI routing already configured in the Arrange window or the Environment, you might see this error:


Then you go into Logic after either clicking "Reassign" or "Keep unassigned". It doesn't matter what you select, there's no setting that will do the right thing.

From there, you go into the Environment editor and look at all the ports for the Instrument. This is what you will get:


You can see that VMidi 7 shows up as 'VMidi 7 ()'. VMidi 7, the working port in CopperLan Manager, *is* accessible but Logic doesn't seem to want to remember this. If you go ahead and make the fix, changing to the working VMidi 7 port, everything will work, but you have to do that for each port and Logic will not remember that you did this *upon reboot*. It *will* remember this if you save the arrangement, quit Logic and restart *without rebooting*. Once you reboot, however, you will be back to Logic assigned the Instrument to this () MIDI port.

In other words, Logic doesn't like to save these virtual ports when used in an arrangement properly. Whose fault is that? As the CopperLan devices aren't recognized by Audio Midi Setup, maybe that's a problem for Logic? I hope CopperLan can see what this might be.
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