Cprln Manager causing trouble

Cprln Manager causing trouble

Postby EastOne » 15 Feb 2017, 23:06


We recently bought a Beatstep pro. The device would not be recognized by the PC. (Tried several win-pc's/laptops, all Win10, new.)
It always generated an error like: another app is using your device.
Or "there is not enough memory for this device (Midi OX).
And other boxes, like midi mixing controllers also gave these errors.
After uninstalling Copperlan it all worked again?

So, to me it comes across that there are some memory usage issues.
I dont have much time to dive too deep into this. We are full-on in a new production.

Could something like this be possible?
Btw on Mc machines no problem.
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Re: Cprln Manager causing trouble

Postby CopperPhil » 15 Feb 2017, 23:16


The MIDI port created by your device is probably hooked by CopperLan, meaning that this device is exposed to the CopperLan network in order to be accessible from anywhere.

You can disable this from the CopperLan Manager. Go to "Edit" panel -> "MIDI on yourcomputer" -> "MIDI to CP interface" and/or "CP to MIDI interface" -> you'll see your device with a on/off switch, just set it to "off", it will release the port so then you can open it from any other MIDI application.

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Re: Cprln Manager causing trouble

Postby EastOne » 18 Feb 2017, 19:26

Thanks.That did the job.
But may I suggest that you somehow make this a bit more clear and "warn"people for this?
There are many similar messages on other hardware makers forums where people run into the same problems.
Unnecessarily imho.
So please make this implication more apparent when installing or using it. Maybe turn it around?
Start with the cp's off, but communicate the option to share, including the warning about the implications for using the devices locally.
MTA, East1
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Re: Cprln Manager causing trouble

Postby solipsvs » 19 Feb 2017, 00:23

this was my experience as well.

other than that, i absolutely love copperlan. i couldnt possibley ask for more. which is why im so sorry to see alyseum pull out.

whats in a name... alyseum... ally
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