Copperplug for 1.1


Postby AXPNAS » 30 Aug 2013, 22:15

CopperPhil wrote:Wow! That's awesome! :P

Axpnas, when you have a little time it would be nice if you could shoot a short video demonstrating your setup...


Got a really crappy cam on my cheap "smart" phone..
Don´t know if u remember me Phil, but think so (mails+100?)
I finally found the solutino to get CopperLan working on both Wired and Non Wired..
As on all my other PC´s (crappy drivers for one netcard, can destroy the other on the same machine)
Many of the DAW´s wont accept external sync start/mtc... and thats a point i don´t get (Among many things)
I´m deeaply in love with the effect routing options in Studio One and can´t leve it !
But yeah they won´t get us the use for multi Pc use..
Okey got a work around for that. By opening the same project on Slave eg 1 and on master and then CopperLan the routing (The Synths)
The other way i´m using is Slave hosting Ableton on my other PC´s and then using FL Studio pluged in as a VST !
Ableton is providing me with the +/- sync option i tolde you about.
I still gotta get around on my newest PC
Hate long Videos and yeah missing a slap u button on Youtube :lol:
I´ll try to give my best output here, but yeah my English is not the best :oops:

Maybe move the topic to a CopperLove part ?
Open chat in the side window could be nice ?
Lot´s of greay space and no Copper ;)
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Postby AXPNAS » 31 Aug 2013, 02:07

Time max edit in the Forum ?
Now i did try to make Video clips on my 5 mp !!! CAN´T SEE ...S... !!! cam .....
Won´t poste what even i can´t see....
What cam did you use for your Video ?
I can seeee there but nooothing on my own "smart" Phone cam !
Okey don´t think i gotta proof concept...
But i hate that i can´t at this moment :roll:
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Re: Copperplug for 1.1

Postby CopperPhil » 31 Aug 2013, 15:50

Usually I'm using my crap or a Panasonic HD camcorder (if the battery is full when I need it). The most important is the post-processing offered by Youtube such as this wonderful image stabilization :idea:
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Re: Copperplug for 1.1

Postby AXPNAS » 10 Sep 2013, 15:44

CopperPhil wrote:Usually I'm using my crap

Okey one of the good reasons for it costing 5 times the one i have ;)
CopperPhil wrote:The most important is the post-processing offered by Youtube such as this wonderful image stabilization :idea:

Okey and then preventing a Slap button from working :lol:

I made some major updates on 3 of my Computers DAWs/Drivers.
And forgot over the years that, that´s a bad bad idea.. Doing it all in one go.
Do it the SLOW WAY !!! Change/update MAX 3 thing´s and test if everything still works as before !!!
Ohh.. Well i´m almoste back on track.. But gotta finde the reason for the bigger cpu spiking in 2 of 10 ReaStream plugins in my test setup (it´s there even though i´m not sending sound through them) :o
Regarding ReaStream Briged latency. I´m getting 2 ms latency when turning Preformance mode on in JBridge, but still Zero when it´s off :o
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Postby AXPNAS » 14 Sep 2013, 06:08

Sending through 2x10 Meter Cabels
But yes yes stiiilll missing a -/+ offset option...
For all the other things :-)
Studio One - Master.PNG
My Sweet Spot.PNG
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Re: Copperplug for 1.1

Postby AXPNAS » 14 Sep 2013, 07:21

Standart limits in the forum !
1 More pic

Running like here and getting a back more than a audio semi sync over Lan, wont happen unless the +/- sync is made an option !
Sync start is nooo problem, but having it in sync is !!!
The guy in the Video will go down if trying to use more than pads...
But okey changing PPQ in FL from 96 to 192+ will make a world of difference...
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Re: Copperplug for 1.1

Postby PIDNEE » 25 Sep 2013, 10:25

nice stuff AXPNAS

I will be trying this too! 0ms seems acceptable :lol:
More digging needed to weed out more hogging windows services it seems for me. If I am only running a bridge for the return audio (as really that's all I need to bridge now) maybe I can get similar results......

Thanks for posting your results too :) I was going to leave trying it, and probably opt for good old fashioned cables.
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Re: Copperplug for 1.1

Postby AXPNAS » 27 Sep 2013, 21:38

Know i´ve done a bit of a messy posting
The snapshot from wacNetworkMIDI
Where only to show Phil the midi Offset option i still miss in CopperLan.
Left wacNetworkMIDI because of the only 1 to 1 Pc Sync and thereby preventing my 5 - ? Pc Setup
But was (before CopperLan) the only midi tool that would make my music work flow 100 % tight and not in the so so almoste there style...
Still got some things that won´t work as before my total system update..
P...... Me O.. :D
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