Beta 2 (11)

Beta 2 (11)

Postby chrisfoster » 23 Jan 2014, 04:30

Not sure if this is a bug, but quite a few selectors give problems even after deleting/refocusing or Re-Binding

Normal behavior:

Plug-in | CopperLan | Text
0 | 1 | Off
1 | 2 | On

Error inducing behavior:

Plug-in | CopperLan | Text
0 | 2 | Off
1 | 1 | On

I've managed to overcome this before, but I'm stuck at the moment...what causes this?

Edit: Somehow it has rectified itself in this instance..let's see if it holds through reboots.

Tip for users: It's easy to spot problem parameters, by opening the CopperLan Manager | Edit Tab and expanding all parameters, whilst editing in the 'Definition file editor' ...Problem selectors will be solid yellow and have no toggle ability.

Edit the definition and save, then re-expand in the Manager/ Edit tab to see if rectified.

Choosing a parameter in the Manager/Edit tab is reflected in the definition editor, unfortunately this behavior does not work the other way round, which would be handy since you can use Up|Down arrows to cycle through all the parameters in the definition file editor :(
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