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Re: Native Sysex Editor

PostPosted: 13 Nov 2013, 18:28
by CopperPhil
Very interesting! And yes indeed, it's something possible with virtual synths using CopperPlug :-)

Re: Native Sysex Editor

PostPosted: 17 Jan 2014, 10:11
by chrisfoster
I dont think there could be a better example of the absolute need for a Sysex Editor App in CopperLan than this thread on updating the midi capabilities of the Roland MKS-70 /JX-10

A couple of guys are working their butts off trying to implement new code for the 3 eproms in these synths adding much needed midi implementation ability.

But just check out the discussion relating to controlling these new found abilities....the hardware PG-800 wont cut's fixed and the other possibilities...forget it!

This shows how passionate folk are about OLD gear...they love the sound but totally crave the control.

I just hope some developer wakes up and smells the C++ roses that are available here, a way for CopperLan to gain support, is to embrace the past. Get these gear heads on board and the future of CopperLan controller hardware is guaranteed.

There must be tons of C++ nerds out there just picking their noses :mrgreen: thinking where's the next interesting project?

I can't say when this MIDI target supporting Sysex will be available, but I'm confident it's more a question of months than years.
.....tick tick tick...... :cry:

Re: Native Sysex Editor

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2016, 03:23
by chrisfoster
Given this, the controller is not the right place for a Sysex editor. Ideally a CopperLan-to-MIDI bridge should be configurable to expose a set of CopperLan parameters reflecting the MIDI target items and values. And so the MIDI target can be seen as a CopperLan target on the network, supporting all enhanced CopperLan features like learning, SmartConnect, Snapshot...

We've already validated this idea, it is technically possible. And so I'm sure it will be implemented in a hardware/software product at a given time.

Things are moving, please be patient

Hi Phil,

I have been patient for almost 2.5 years, can we control midi hardware from CopperLan yet?

Please tell us where we are at with CopperLan

Re: Native Sysex Editor

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2016, 19:31
by CopperPhil
We are still alive and very busy with AudioLan integration. CopperLan is used to manage audio connectivity between AES67 devices and to remote control Cymatic Audio uTrack series (uTrack24, uTrackX32). MIDI/CopperLan bridging is also present in a new product.

We are also working on a new version of the CopperLan package incuding new features.

But all of this takes time.... :|

Re: Native Sysex Editor

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2016, 23:58
by chrisfoster
You previously mentioned the ability to extract the midi/sysex spec from a device via CopperLan, will that be a feature that will be possible?

I'm baffled that you've targeted AES67 at the high end rather than the broad consumer market of Audio Video Bridging (AVB) ?

Re: Native Sysex Editor

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2016, 09:29
by CopperPhil
everything is possible from the application code :-) it is up to the product designer to include this functionality, and again, we are just technology provider, we have no responsibility in manufacturer 's choices...

Archwave, working for a long time on AES67/Ravenna, came to us. That's it :-)