Seems really good but...

Seems really good but...

Postby Idonnobu » 02 Feb 2012, 21:24


This sounds to be such a good program!

I'm having problems following the manuals because theydon't cover the basic steps Eg when or why should you insert a virtual midi cable instead of join midi channel (?) to.....?
(I've tried both , and only get a signal through when i use individual midi channels)

I think the manual translation to English could do with a bit of tweaking - would be happy to have a go at it but would need to ask some questions
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Re: Seems really good but...

Postby CopperPhil » 03 Feb 2012, 10:29


The MIDI virtual cable is an easy way to bind a MIDI port to another one on the network. It creates all the connections at once. You can get the same result making individual connections between Sys->Sys, Clk->Clk, Ch1->Ch1, Ch2->Ch2, ...

It is weird you can't get it working using the virtual cable while it works using individual channel connection... can you confirm/give me more info to reproduce the issue here?

Yes indeed the documentation is light, we need to improve it. In the meantime feel free to ask any questions here!

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