When asking for support or reporting bugs...

When asking for support or reporting bugs...

Postby Copperhead » 07 Apr 2015, 12:11

When asking for support or reporting bugs, please provide as much info as possible:
What is your configuration (which computers, how they are connected, their MIDI related peripherals, ...)
Then for each computer:
    *computer type
    *operating system used
    *version of CopperLan Manager app
    *MIDI related apps installed (not running)
    *MIDI related apps installed and running
    *MIDI drivers specific to these apps
    *MIDI hardware interfaces (model, type of connection, use of custom drivers)

Please also explain clearly what you intend doing (e.g. "send MIDI tracks from Cubase on the MAC to the MIDI out of the MIDI-USB interface attached to the PC")

Typical network mistake
If you see only a single computer in the CopperLan Manager's overview tab, it is likely that:
    *You have selected the wrong network interface for CopperLan (e.g. going through wifi instead of wired)
    *You have rejected the installation of the drivers when installing the CopperLan software package.
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