Bugs when using CopperLan

Bugs when using CopperLan

Postby kodomo » 14 Sep 2015, 17:24

*computer type - MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013)
*operating system used - 10.10.5
*version of CopperLan Manager app - 1.4(1)
*MIDI related apps installed (not running) - NI Komplete
*MIDI related apps installed and running - Apple Logic Pro
*MIDI drivers specific to these apps - none
*MIDI hardware interfaces (model, type of connection, use of custom drivers) - AL88c (two of them)


Here some key issues with the copperlan software I’m having and would like to know if you are aware of these issues and are fixing them. Much appreciation for taking the time to go through this and your work on CopperLan!

1. MIDI ports need to be manually RE-ASSIGNED Every time I restart my computer or wake it up from sleep mode. This is a real pain; I have 15 external MIDI instruments, and I need to re-select the appropriate VMIDI Port # for EACH External MIDI instrument. Once I do that it is fine until I wake it up from sleep mode or restart my computer (which I do every day). The “unavailable” VMIDI port corresponds to the same VMIDI port I need to reassign it to: Example “VMIDI 3 unavailable” I select and then choose VMIDI 3.

2. I need to recall my MIDI I/O Snapshot EACH time I load logic. Otherwise, certain connections are spontaneously disconnected in the MIDI I/O. For example, the MIDI OUT of VMIDI port 1 is disconnected and I never disconnected it in the copper lan software.

To further clarify these two points:

Every time I quite Copper Lang or restart, etc, and then reboot, and start a new session in Logic, the ports I’ve assigned (in the Coper Lang Software) FROM my MIDI OUTS to the VMIDI ports are disconnected. That is why I “recall” my snap shot. However, when I do that; I need to Re-assign all the VMIDI ports in Logic; a real pain. So I either need to manually “re-connect” patching a virtual MIDI cable from the MIDI out ports to the VMIDI in copper lang, OR, re-instanciate every VMIDI port for each corresponding external MIDI instrument in Logic.

Please let me know if you understand this.

3. Spontaneous crashes; these are harder to reproduce, but I’ve had quite a few crashes at times.

4. Snapshot loading sometimes freezes; when I choose to re-load a snap shot, it sometimes totally freezes and I need to force quit and restart the software.

And… Lastly Here’s a few requests!

1. You can’t label / namel the VMIDI ports. This can be confusing, especially when dealing with a lot of ports; in my case 16. I would love for these port names to show up in Logic.

2. No Scroll Bar. It would be great if I could scroll like in other OS programs :)

3. You can’t make a cable connection by just touching an arrow and dragging it. It would be really nice to do this; like in Audio MIDI Setup.

4. You can save snap shots, but they still come up with all the VMIDI ports from whatever previous setup I had. In my case; two separate studios; one with one AL88c, and the other with two. After setting up the later, when I opened up Copper Lan in the first studio, the extra set of VMIDI ports still show up and I can’t delete them.

Your response and feedback on this would be greatly appreciated!

best regards,

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Re: Bugs when using CopperLan

Postby gilesjuk » 23 Sep 2015, 14:44

I'm just a user helping out, I don't know about your other issues, but this may help with your connection persist issue? I have both AL88 and AL88c and don't seem to have the problem with outputs, only inputs, but have never tried the following.

AL-88c settings are done via the CopperLan Manager (Editor tab)
1. Front Button - not available for this product.
2. Restore originals MIDI In connections – for standalone applications.
3. Save MIDI In destinations – for standalone applications

In the AL88 you can just press the front button for over a second to persist connection state, AL88c has no button though.
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