Saving the setup

Saving the setup

Postby verstaerker » 11 Jun 2017, 10:22

i'm having problems to save my setup with Al88cs properly ... when i power down my studio all settings i made are gone

i didn't had any issue when i had only 1 Al88c or with the previous build of Copperlan (hard to tell what's causing it)

what i' doing to save the setup :
1.go on the Edit page to each Al88c and Save Settings for Midi-In Destinations
2.make a snapshot

this works sometime .. but not always - any tips for making sure everything is saved?
A workflow improvement for a possible Copperlan Update would be very welcome .. talking about it:
is there anything for the nearer future still planned?
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Re: Saving the setup

Postby solipsvs » 17 Jun 2017, 15:12

guess not!
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Re: Saving the setup

Postby chrisfoster » 19 Jun 2017, 04:08

Win 7 64bit

1/ Configure AL88<-->MIDI routing
2/ Snapshot
3/ Restart CPVNM

All MIDI -->AL88 routing is lost
All MIDI -->MIDI routing is lost

AL88 -->MIDI routing is intact (from the AL88 memory I presume)

Recall snapshot

No difference

MIDI -->ALL routing memory seems broken in latest release

I dont think it's the snapshot function by itself that is duffed, it seems to be the very ability to retain MIDI settings across service re-starts.

Summary: MIDI routing needs to be configured for every session as there is no recall across session.
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