Network computers not visible

Network computers not visible

Postby HumanDesign » 05 Jul 2018, 10:18


Cannot see other computers in CopperLan Manager.

- Ethernet is working between two computers (1. MainDawPC (Win10) and 2. VideoPC (Win8).)
- Copperlan 1.4(5) installed on both.
- Opening Managers on both.
- "Ethernet" as status on both.
- But only one Midi (computer) is visible (not the other computer).
- When connecting Midi devise to 2. VideoPC it comes visible in Copperlan. (Same device is not anymore working with Cubase after CopperLan installation)
- When connecting Midi devise to 1. MainDawPC no reaction in manager (Same Devise is working on Cubase though).
- Uninstalled CopperLan from 2VideoPC.
- Now Midi Devise gets visible in 1. MainDawPC Copperlan but Cubase ain't anymore reacting.


Seems CoppeLan is screwing my midi and I did not manage to connect computers.
Cannot find any decent manual either.
I was really exited about CopperLan and now disappointed.

I really hope get going with CopperLan but start seems to be hard as hell.
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Re: Network computers not visible

Postby verstaerker » 13 Jul 2018, 15:39

how exactly the computers are connected?
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