CopperLAN vs rtpMIDI

CopperLAN vs rtpMIDI

Postby wevb.rm » 25 Jun 2020, 20:45

Hi, new here!
Been researching how to setup a studio midi/audio network, first started with a leaning to R Pi boards networked to a master Win10. As of late, kind of shifted towards using repurposed Thin clients to host a VSTi and/or older PCI sound cards. Kind of a distributed I/O configuration.

The appeal of the TCs are their x86 based hardware and support for windows, their used market cost is very low compared to single board x86 platforms Also, a few models support PCI or PCIe boards, a big plus for me. Most of the newer HP models can run Win 7 and up to Win 10 (with some upgrades to ram and storage).

BUT, there are just some SW and/or Hw I just have to run under XP (Yamaha YMF7x4 cards mainly). So while rtpMIDI could support 98% of what I want to do (but not WinXP machines), CopperLAN seems to suit, again, most of my needs but not R Pis.

So the big question I have can I run rtpMIDI side-by-side with CopperLAN on a 'bridge' machine? Any suggestions?
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