Copperlan .plist help

Copperlan .plist help

Postby edemunari » 11 Apr 2015, 09:59

Hi CopperPhil
searching a way to change midi port name, really needed, I started playing with CopperLan.plist file... I know you sure not agree with it but I tried.

I discover that if I change:
CPVNM\\VCP2MIDI\VMidi 1DisplayName = VMidi 1
CPVNM\\VCP2MIDI\VMidi 2ModuleID = 1
CPVNM\\VCP2MIDI\VMidi 2PortName = VMidi 1

to, I say:
CPVNM\\VCP2MIDI\VMidi 1DisplayName = Goofy
CPVNM\\VCP2MIDI\VMidi 2ModuleID = 1
CPVNM\\VCP2MIDI\VMidi 2PortName = VMidi 1

Copperlan Manager display Goofy instead of Vmidi 1

Well when I do this on my testing MacBookPro it’s easy to revert the process, restart cpuserd and cpwnmd and everything is back.

Doing the same on my network studio iMac Copperlan ready with 3 Alyseum AL—88 interfaces wired, once did step 2 I can’t rollback to starting configuration???

I erase all the pref files, all the daemon, uninstall Copperlan Manager, trash caches reinstall Copperlan manager, but the changed config is always here!!! A kind of magic, or do I miss something?

Could you please help me? I know is my fault playing with things in that way, but maybe you’re so kind… ;O)

Praying for your kindness, one more question, is there a pref file, or something similar, where i could change VMidi port names to my preferred hardware so I could get the right names not only in CopperLan Manager but also in the Macintosh midi system?

I know Im a little bit annoying but this feature will help me a lot with 3 Alyseum AL-88 interfaces connected.

Thanks a lot, regards, Eriberto
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Re: Copperlan .plist help

Postby CopperPhil » 13 Apr 2015, 09:16

Hi Eriberto,

:D The problem you mention is precisely why we decided to no offer VMIDI port renaming on desktop. There is a similar issue under Windows (not exactly the same cause, but same kind of hassle at the end).

I don't know why you can't revert to normal situation, even after full uninstall... Did you try to run the uninstall script from the CopperLan .dmg instead of manually remove everything? On Mac we are using launchctl which is restarting automatically the daemon, stopping the process is not enough to have it gone.

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Re: Copperlan .plist help

Postby edemunari » 13 Apr 2015, 18:33

:D :) :D

It seems that you can't force Copperlan to forget the changes even if you uninstall it with installer!!! I tried it and then trash any copper files I got.. but or I miss something or something strange happens, consider that if you reopen the .plist file it apperas changed!!!!

:ugeek: :ugeek:

And that if you delete it Copper manager remember your the wrong version anyway!!!

:shock: :shock:

Some kind of magic here!!!

Maybe a list of files installed and used by copperlan/coppermanager should be useful to check I had fired all the files...

Does Coppelan save some preference in other Core Midi .plist files?

Nothing more to say!!! Switching of the iMac doesn't solve the problem... maybe I have to burn my iMac with some Voodoo Ritual?????

Any help appreciated...

Cheers, Eriberto

PS: a Goofy Port is really cool anyway!!!

:D :D :D :D
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