Trying to connect 2 FL Studios (each one in a diff comp)

Trying to connect 2 FL Studios (each one in a diff comp)

Postby yenerich » 15 Aug 2016, 18:12


I am trying to connect 2 computers running FL Studio 10 each one.
I am trying to replicate this:

But i am doing something wrong, because its not working.

The video does not show what settings should have the "master" computer in Copperlan, and in the "slave" one it looks like its running a different version of Copperlan.

In FL studio in the main computer, i am selecting the "send master sync" in the VMIDI 1 in the Ouput.

And In the "slave" i select in the Input VMD4 i select enabled.

And i tried to replicate in the "slave" the Cooperlan configuration that i saw in the video...

But its not working. :(

I am new in Cooperlan, im sure i am missing something.

Any help will be appreciated. I need this to work so badly :)
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Re: Trying to connect 2 FL Studios (each one in a diff comp)

Postby CopperPhil » 15 Aug 2016, 20:59

So you open the VMIDI1 output and VMIDI4 input in the main computer, and the same on the slave computer, correct?

Then, did you create the virtual MIDI cables between VMIDI1 (main computer) -> VMIDI4 (slave computer), and VMIDI1 (slave computer) -> VMIDI4 (main computer) ? You have to do that from the CopperLan Manager's "Connect" tab to allow MIDI messages to reach the other computer.

Moreover, please ensure that these VMIDI ports are not open simultaneously in another software (such as MIDI-Ox or something else that you could use to spy the MIDI flow). The VMIDI port driver is exclusive and doesn't support multiple client.
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