how to tune oscillator ?

how to tune oscillator ?

Postby cgodzillao » 28 Oct 2016, 19:43


i bought a MS812 years ago (... really looking to get rid of it)
anyway for now i want to send CV to an MOTM380 oscillator. basic.
it works but it is out of tune. the calibration need to be done.
with kenton i can figure out how to set the CV so the oscillator is in tune for at least 4 octaves.
how do you do this with MS812 ?

only thing i find in manual is:
For expert only, need hi-precision voltmeter (20.000 points)
A trimming potentiometer allows you to fine tune the voltage span of the analog converters.
To ease the setting, there is a dedicated calibration preset (see 5.1.1) that gives various reference
voltages on all CV outputs:
Connect on CV out 1, and turn the trim to adjust the voltage precisely to 10,666 Volts. The other outputs are not used for calibration but rather to check that the module is OK at

... what ? what does this even mean ? 5.1.1 is something about merging function. Not "calibration preset".
what is the procedure ? i find nothing in manual. nothing in copperlan manager and keywoards like "tune" "pitch" "calibration" in manual or forum gives nothing.

thx for help.
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Re: how to tune oscillator ?

Postby Copperhead » 28 Oct 2016, 21:32

I suggest you ask the manufacturer of the product.
As for the CopperLan manager that we maintain, it is a neutral control panel for anything CopperLan, not a tool dedicated to any specific brand or model.
Despite many mentions and support for Alyseum products, this is not a forum managed by Alyseum. This is why you'd better see directly with them.
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Re: how to tune oscillator ?

Postby cgodzillao » 29 Oct 2016, 12:53

ok thx ! sorry i didn't understood this. For some reason i thought the guy doing alyseum was at the copperlan development also. my bad thx.
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