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Re: charge a fee for copperlan and update it please

PostPosted: 02 Aug 2020, 11:35
by Mesmerised
As I was dismantling my studio for a move I packed up my 4 handy Alyseum AL-88c and came to think about how great this CopperLAN system is. It worked great (OK, I had a major hickup some days ago, maybe related to the latest Mojave Security Update, but after restoring snapshots and restarting multiple times, it came all back).
This system is exactly the MIDI setup I need and I can only hope that this continues to work...
I have a rather complex MIDI setup. (too much hardware, yeah - but I'm a gearslut!)
I'd like to get a new Mac at some point but I'm really dreading the possibility that CL won't work anymore...
Please don't let it RIP. I'd pay for an update too - or support development by crowdfunding or something.