Strange detection problem with network on two MacBooks

Strange detection problem with network on two MacBooks

Postby arretx » 13 Dec 2019, 01:00

I have three systems. One iMac, two MacBook Pro computers.

The iMac and the MacBook Pro A both see each other and I can route MIDI in CLManager.

The third system, the MacBook Pro B, has CLManager installed, but it doesn't have those other two computers in the main screen, and those other two computers can't see it either.

The only significant difference between MBP B and the other two computers is that the options under the networking dropdown selector show the following:

en5: iBridge
en2: ThunderboltIP
en4: ThunderboltIP
en1: ThunderboltIP
en3: ThunderboltIP

Whereas the other two systems have clear defined names next to each adapter address.

One point to make...if I change the MIDI settings on the box that isn't working, it flashes up on the other two managers for a short second, then disappears.

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