WIN 7 (fresh install) freezes when CopperLan is installed

WIN 7 (fresh install) freezes when CopperLan is installed

Postby Boris_Ender » 05 Sep 2015, 09:47

I'm not able to switch off the WIN 7 64 Bit system right upon a clean installation of CopperLan.

Hello, CopperLan users. I'm a new Alyseum AC88 user and I'm disappointed from a scratch with the copperlan SW. Last week I have set up my music computer (fresh install) since I bought some new gear and I just wanted to have a clean install for music. Upon a work of 6 hours with all installations I have recognized that the system does not shut down as it should. The system freezes within the shut down cycle. I thought something went wrong with the installation and installed in another 6 hour session the system again :-( Then everything worked for two days. the difference was that I had not installed the CopperLan SW yet. Juts when the AC88 hardware arrived, I have again installed the CopperLan V1.4 build 1 and all of the sudden I have again the problem with the shut down procedure. I deinstalled the SW and I could shut down my system properly.

Any help is appreciated since I want to get AC88 as a low latency midi interface.

Thank you for any help. Best Regards, Boris
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Re: WIN 7 (fresh install) freezes when CopperLan is installe

Postby CopperPhil » 08 Sep 2015, 09:09

Hi Boris,

Did you activate some physical MIDI port in CopperLan? (CopperLan Manager, Edit tab, MIDI on [youcomputer]n MIDI Settings, MIDI to CP interface & CP to MIDI interface)

If so, the shutdown is probably frozen due to the CopperLan service that can't close one of the MIDI ports. Please try again after disabling all the MIDI port. It is works, re-activate the ports one by one until the system is unable to shutdown, then push a message here with the related port description.
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