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Config files

PostPosted: 11 Feb 2016, 17:57
by Jo-Po-
Hi !

I'm going to format/reinstall windows 7 64bit... :evil:

I'd like to know if & where there is Copperlan files to keep for an easy reinstall and find my Copperlan config back ! :mrgreen:

Thanks !

Re: Config files

PostPosted: 11 Feb 2016, 18:10
by CopperPhil
Well, restoring the CopperLan config is not an easy operation... We are aware of this and we ill provide settings backup/restore in a future version.

You have to save the registry branch from HKLM\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CopperLan. It contains the (V)MIDI port config and - more important - the machine unique ID on the CopperLan network.

Please ensure that the CPVNM service is stopped (or not yet installed) before restoring this registry data, the restart it (or install CopperLan).

The CopperLan Manager settings (including snapshots) are there:

C:\Users\[your_account]\AppData\Roaming\CopperLan Manager

Re: Config files

PostPosted: 11 Feb 2016, 19:30
by Jo-Po-
Excellent ! Thanks ! :D