Specifications of the CopperLan package

  • Works on MAC-OSX® (from 10.6), and Windows® (XP32; Vista, Seven and 8 - in 32 and 64-bit versions)
  • Single click install (Virtual MIDI drivers, CopperLan Virtual Network Manager, Manager application)
  • Clean de-installation and intelligent update features.
  • Inter-computer communication (MAC + PC) via Ethernet, without needing IP or DHCP
    (CopperLan on Ethernet is IEEE802.3 compliant, registered on IEEE as 8927h Ethertype)
  • Transparent/harmless to IP protocols (e.g. Web browsing, E-mail, audio streaming, etc.)
  • Communicates through ordinary Ethernet switches; passes through Wi-Fi and VPN
  • Zero configuration network system (MAC + PC)
  • Automatic detection and handling of MIDI hardware interfaces
    (standard ones as well as those relying on manufacturer supplied drivers)
  • Creates virtual MIDI ports to connect to standard MIDI applications

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