CHAILink SDK  Version 1.3
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This documentation is not intended to explain CopperLan concepts nor the CHAI API. It assumes that the reader has good CHAI API and general CopperLan knowledge.

The CHAILink

The standard CopperLan SDK is a modern interface oriented C++ SDK. While it is great for computer applications, this approach is not well suited to small devices with low resources. That is the reason for the existence of the CHAI Link SDK.

Main CHAI Link Client features are:

  • Written in C and does not use dynamic memory allocation.
  • Can work on most MCU starting from 8 bits microcontrollers with 4K of RAM and 64K of Flash
  • Modular: parts of code that are not used in your project can e disabled. (see CHAI Link client customization)
  • Works with a large variety of Transport (UART, USB, FireWire, ...)
  • Controls remotely all functionalities embedded in the standard CHAI SDK

For instance, the CHAILink Client is used in CopperLan USB Devices or in conjunction with a Host MCU serving multiple Client MCUs.

For more information about the CHALink see Architecture.