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I have just installed CopperLan Manager. It does what I want with a minimum if fuss. I did run into a couple of issues.

First, after installing CopperLan, the editor for the DMC 122, couldn't connect with the hardware. Turning off the controller in your program didn't help. Uninstalling and reinstalling the DMC-122 editor didn't help. The only solution was to uninstall CopperLan.

The workaround was to install the editor on a second installation of Windows on another partition. The editor saw and connected with the controller. It is inconvenient having to restart the system and boot into another installation of Windows to configure the controller. The editor uses native Microsoft driver. Pic is attached.

The second issue involves disappearing information. I set the number of ports after installation, to 8. I assigned the 8 ports to the DMC-122, and did a snapshot. After doing so, I decided to change the number of ports to 16.

Everything but the snapshot disappeared. The information in the overview, connect and edit tabs was gone. I tried centering the data, but all I got was a red rectangle. Recalling the snapshot didn't remedy the situation. Restarting the program did not help.

The only solution was to reinstall the application. Any ideas what is happening and how to fix this? Your help will be appreciated.

-CopperLan 1.4(5)
-Windows 10 1909 (18363.693)
-Other MIDI programs: Running - Focusrite 18i8. Not running: Studio One, FL Studio, Reaper, DMC-122 editor, SL Studio Editor. Not sure if DAWs are considered MIDI programs.
-Not sure what drivers are associated with the above programs, but I took screenshots of the property pages, for the two hardware editors and the audio interface. I don't have a MIDI interface, although there is MIDI out capability in the 18i8.

Thanks for software that works as advertised. Any help working through this would be appreciated.
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