Routing MIDI CC through CopperLan question

Routing MIDI CC through CopperLan question

Postby EvenDrones » 24 Feb 2016, 04:45

Fellow CopperLan Users,
i would like to connect a MIDI Controller with fixed CC assignments (JLCooper CS-32) via an 88c to another device like for example an OctaTrack.
Is it possible to send MIDI Channel 15 CC01 from the CS-32 to a CopperLan Controller (01 for example) and then send this over the Network so that it is received and output at another 88c and send to an OctaTrack as MIDI Channel 01 Controller 07 for example? Basically "converting" one controller message from one device to another controller which is received on different receiver?

I already know how use the learn function to assign the MIDI Message from the CS-32 to a "CopperLan controller number". But how do i assign this controller to a specific output message on the network?
Is it possible to use "Learn" when i send a message from the destination device (OctaTrack)?

Any help is really appreciated.
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Re: Routing MIDI CC through CopperLan question

Postby CopperPhil » 24 Feb 2016, 11:07

Hi Chris,

This is not possible at this time without some specific software doing the conversion.

We chose not to include this CC conversion into the CopperLan stack because the same code base is used either by computers and embedded systems, and CC conversion can quickly become complex and heavy in term of memory needs. So it is up to the CopperLan<->MIDI bridge designer to add or not this feature. This is not done into the Alyseum products due to technical limitations.

But we are aware of this need and we will probably do something in a future version of the CopperLan package for computer.
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