Can't access to physical hardware when using vMIDI (Win7)

Can't access to physical hardware when using vMIDI (Win7)

Postby DomiKamu » 19 Apr 2018, 07:15


I'm new CopperLan user (Windows 7 Pro x64 platform) using v1.4(5).

From my M-Audio Code61 (physical MIDI device) I've created 4 vMIDI ports (one per MIDI channel) in order to use my splitted MIDI keyboard from VCV Rack software. Working fine.

However, my original Code 61 MIDI device seems to be disabled. This hardware MIDI is visible from DAWs I'm using, but doesn't have any effect (looks entirely filtered)

I've seen another similar old post named titled Copperlan has kidnapped my harware controllers!., from (Dec. 2012) and, as reply:
CP Manager > Edit > MIDI on MyComputer > MIDI Settings > MIDI Port Auto Handling > Off
but unfortunately this "MIDI Port Auto Handling" option seems don't exist on 1.4(5) CP Manager, but only (undocumented in integrated Help) "Sending Active Sensing"... set to Off (default).

From regular DAWs I'm using (REAPER 5.79, Ableton Live 9 Lite, Usine Hollyhock 3, and Renoise 3.1 - all x64) I'd like to use my regular hardware (Code 61), instead of vMIDIs (reserved for VCV Rack, exclusively).

Many thanks in advance for your help, also thanks a million about... your fabulous software, though!

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