ASIO Position Protocol

ASIO Position Protocol

Postby Luc Henrion » 01 Jan 2012, 11:13

Hello all, first a happy new year! ;)

I just wanted to know if APP could be sent thru CopperLan from one PC to another ? That would be much more accurate than MTC... Just an idea !
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Re: ASIO Position Protocol

Postby Copperhead » 11 Jan 2012, 00:21

Happy New Year to All indeed!


Accuracy does not depend on the messaging type. These days, the timing intervals are extrapolated mathematically; the accuracy depends on jitter.
(Latency is only a involved if real-time synchronization to an elastic reference is needed or if the time referenced data cannot be sent in advance)

This is how a radio-controlled clock is more time accurate in absolute terms than a PC while receiving synchronization information only once per minute from the air waves against the PC being on the Internet permanently.

The precision in time intervals depends on the precision its description carries.
In CopperLan, we currently support various time position formats (even simultaneously), among which there is Sample Position and the usual SMPTE time.
There is even room for future formats if needed.
So, no worries to have.
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